• ​​Yes. The Survey of Israel's maps can be purchased in its offices at 1 Lincoln St., Tel-Aviv or at the various Survey of Israel's District Offices scattered across the country.. Details and District offices' addresses can be found here.

    Maps can also be purchased online at the virtual shop via credit card payment. ​

  • ​Yes. Since understanding the customer's needs is essential, the purchase will take place after consulting a sales representative on these phone numbers: 03-6231810/813 ​​

  • ​​Yes. The Survey of Israel distributes and sells a License to Use for digital information on the basis of signing a License to Use of information. This involves paying royalties in accordance with legally approved commercial models that are transparent to the public. For further information, please call these phone numbers: 03-6231810/813​

  • ​​Yes. The Survey of Israel permits the printing of maps that are based on the Survey of Israel's maps for commercial use, subject to paying royalties. For further information, please contact 03-6231923​

  • ​A customized map is a map produced according to the customer's requirements. Every customer can choose a geographical unit and produce a map according to personal specifications such as scale, physical map size, information layers etc. The map can be produced at the Survey of Israel's offices – 1 Lincoln St. Tel-Aviv or at the website, under the personally customized map category. Support is provided at 03-6231911 extension 607.  ​​

  • ​The license to use the Survey of Israel's digital geographical information is diverse; you can purchase a license to use for pieces of information or a full national coverage. All the information derives from the geographical data bases, which are maintained continuously at the Survey of Israel

    The list of products and examples is provided in the digital products' catalog, which is annually updated.